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Portions Over Price

by Izabela Kokoszka on May 28, 2024

Portions Over Price

When you purchase a tube of toothpaste do you ever think how long it will last you? Do you closely pay attention to the costs of the sizes of the tubes and the prices of various brands? If you’ve never tried finding out then let us tell you that an average 75ml tube of toothpaste will last 60 brushing sessions. Dencle Tooth Powder has 200 brushing sessions inside it’s 90ml container.

Tooth powder is more cost efficient as you get more brushing sessions out of a powder than you do a paste. Toothpaste takes up more space inside a tube while tooth powder takes up less as water isn’t added until you’re ready to brush, making the tooth powder last longer and having more usage from its 90ml container.

Tooth powder is better in many ways in being more cost efeciebt than tube toothpaste. Read below to find out how.


How Dencle Tooth Powder is more cost efficient

Controlled measure application

With the included small spoon scoop out the exact amount you need. The recommended amount of toothpaste to squeeze out is a pea amount but people use much more than that on average. Take the guesswork out with tooth powder.


No leftovers to waste

When squeezing a tube of toothpaste you often end up getting way too much product out and no way to put it back. By using a measuring scoop each time you will use just the right amount and never need to waste excess product.


Powder formula

Tooth powder will have many more uses since dry formula takes up less space than paste.

Thick toothpastes you need to use more of and going through the tube faster.


Able to use every last amount

The worst part about nearing the end of a toothpaste tube is getting the remainder of the product out. Product gets trapped in the bent up tube and inside the cap. The only way to get the last amounts out is by cutting open and scrapping tube out with toothbrush. It becomes very messy fast as it gets all over the toothbrush, your fingers and the sink. With the tube cut open the remainder risks drying out and being unusable. Dencle’s formula allows you to use every last bit with ease and in a clean way.



Dencle’s plastic container can be recycled after your toothpaste is gone. Regular toothpaste tubes are made of materials that aren’t recyclable and they are too messy to do so. Dencle’s tooth powder container will be perfectly clean and ready to be recycled or used as a container for other things.


Try out Dencle Tooth Powder to save yourself the on the amount of brushing sessions you’ll be able to get out from a single purchase. Not only that but with Dencle’s powder formula you’ll have a hassle and mess free brushing experience. Dencle Tooth Powders are available in three flavors, Sweet Mint, Mild Mint, and Strong Mint. Each comes with its own set of unique benefits as well.

Check out Dencle’s Tooth Powder’s here.

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