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Take Tooth Powder On the Go

by Izabela Kokoszka on Jun 12, 2024

Take Tooth Powder On the Go

Brushing your teeth outside your own home is probably something most people don’t consider. Why is that? To start carrying around a tube of toothpaste is inconvenient with how much space it’ll take up in your bag, not to mention how risky it is to carry around and having it spill. Anything pressing on your bag can cause the toothpaste to pop.

The great thing about tooth powder is how easy it is to take smaller portions with you anywhere. Simply portion out some powder into a small travel size container or even a small plastic zip bag. It takes up virtually no room and can be stored away anywhere with ease. With its dry formula it won’t leave any messes besides if it does spill, just brush away at the granule powder, no residue will be left behind.

Dencle’s tooth powder can be taken along on all your daily outings, ranging from school and work to travel and days out. Find out how tooth powder will benefit you in many outings cases.


Airplane and Traveling 

Taking tooth powder on a plane is so simple and convenient. Airlines restrict you to bring toothpaste tubes smaller than 100ml so you need to buy a smaller travel size toothpaste. With Dencle’s tooth powder pour some out into a travel container and you’re all set! With it being a dry powder formula you’ll never have to worry about it not passing through security due to being liquid.


Day Out

When imagining a busy, activity filled day out brushing your teeth is probably not on your mind since it’s inconvenient. Nobody wants to carry around a toothbrush and entire tube of toothpaste. Dencle has an easy solution for you. Dip your toothbrush in Dencle’s tooth powders, let dry, and place your toothbrush in a plastic bag. Then when you take a break use your ready-to-use toothbrush to refresh your mouth while resting your body.


The Beach

Tooth powder won’t heat up and get runny like toothpaste if exposed to the heat and sun all day. Leave it on your beach bag being assured it’ll be in perfect condition to use once you want to brush your teeth after drinking sweet fruity beverages all day.



If you’re a younger student there’s a good chance you have braces on which are very prone to getting food stuck in them. Keep your braces clean and don’t worry about walking around with the remains of your lunch stuck in them for the rest of the day. And if you’re a teacher refresh your mouth will a clean feeling that will help you lecture for the rest of the day.



Leading a meeting at work today? Do it with a confident and clean smile.  Always have fresh breath no matter what new lunch spot you try out.



While camping you want to bring only the essentials, keeping your equipment as light as possible, especially if you’ll be hiking to your camping location. Keeping clean during your hiking trip will be important too, and you’ll probably bring many prepped travel ready hygiene products, or even purchase ones meant to be camping friendly. By using Dencle you at least cut down on one special product. Using a simple plastic bag is enough to easily bring along tooth powder, plus it weighs nearly nothing.


There’s no reason not to have fresh breath on the go as Dencle makes it so easy and convenient. You can bring tooth powder anywhere with how easy it is to pack it away, taking up almost no space.

Dencle’s tooth powder comes in three great flavors, each of them having unique benefits as well. Choose which flavor or benefit sounds most appealing by reading up on them here. If you’d like to try out tooth powder click here to purchase.

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