Crown Care Toothbrush

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About the Product

A specialized toothbrush designed for crown care including a charcoal Power Tip for plaque removal, and 3 spiral bristle sections for effective cleaning. 

1. Charcoal Power Tip
The Dencle Crown Care toothbrush features a charcoal tip designed to remove plaque easily, offering a clean that protects and maintains dental crowns.

2. Spiral Bristle Efficiency
Spiral bristles effectively target decay and buildup around crowns, ensuring thorough cleaning and care following dental crown procedures.

3. Intensive Crown Care Bristles
Equipped with 3 separate bristle sections, this toothbrush provides intensive oral care for crowns and any sensitive areas around them, enhancing post-treatment maintenance.

4. Precise Angle Technology
The 32° neck angle of the Dencle tooth brush is engineered for precise and close reach to the deepest regions of the oral cavity, promoting superior cleaning.

5. Double Layered Bristle Design
A unique double-layered bristle design, combining elastic and fine bristles, offers an enhanced cleaning experience, effectively removing plaque while being gentle on crowns.

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