Rayno UV Blocking Window Film - Air7090 Insulation Sun Control Reflecting Protection Wrap - Energy Saving Film for Homes Offices Businesses - Light Filtering - Blue Charcoal Tinted

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About the Product
  • SAVING ENERGY AND REDUCING COSTS: Rayno Architectural Window Film is the complete solution used by professional installers everywhere. It adds insulation while blocking harmful UV and IR lights and perfectly maintaining your view. Rayno filters out more harmful light, installs easier, and lasts longer than other films!
  • ADDED INSULATION: Our window wrap also acts as an insulator. Reflecting sunlight away from the building in the Summer and preventing heat from escaping in the Winter. Rayno's Air7090 saves you about 15% on heating and cooling. Give your houses windows the upgrade they need.
  • PROTECTION FOR YOUR PROPERTY: Rayno Window Film helps to minimize damage in the event of a window shattering. They also prevent discoloration of flooring and furniture by preventing damage from UV rays. This film blocks 99.9% of UV and 99% of IR.
  • USE IT EVERYWHERE: Rayno Architectural Window Films are perfect for buildings of any kind. They're great for houses, apartments, offices, businesses, and stores. The slightly tinted blue offers a clean and clear view out of any window.
  • RAYNO WINDOW FILM: We create window films and wraps that combine the best quality materials with innovative cutting edge. Rayno expertly crafts premium quality films that lead the industry in rejection of harmful light, durability, and protection.
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