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Dissecting The Broadheads!

by Jin Lee on May 23, 2024

Dissecting The Broadheads!

Over the weekend, Sean from SeansOutdoorAdventures got a chance to review all of our broadheads, both Mechanical and fixed ones! We wanted to summarize his experience and see what he looks for in a broadhead and what advantages each one provides!

Fixed Broadheads

Sean first started with the Rexpid Big III. He noted how the broadhead has a unique rotating mechanism. This happens immediately after firing off the arrow. This allows the broadhead to have even more piercing power! The arrow will still keep its momentum despite the rotating as well!

Sean then moved over to the Nuri and it was his favorite as well! He especially like the razor blade that extends to the tip. Mostly because it provides for extra efficiently when cutting. They also have double bleeder blades on the sides for even more monstrous damage. The blades spinning also reduces friction mid-flight and on impact helping it not get stuck on bones. Sean did recommend using a low poundage compound bow when using this broadhead or a recurve bow.

Mechanical Broadheads

Before he covered the mechanical broadheads. He wanted to make it known that these broadheads do have a slight advantage considering the bow doesn't need to be as properly tuned with these broadheads but also required a higher draw weight because of the expanding blades.

He first started with the RX-S. He made sure to note that these blades deployed straight on impact which is good for not losing speed in mid flight or slightly changing direction in flight. He also states these are also suitable for crossbows as well, giving some wiggle room between which types of bows you'd want to bring that day.

He covered the Rexpid II and III together as they have very similar mechanics. They are both spring loaded blades and also expand when landing on the target. However these blades will close after passing through an animal. The only major difference is that Rexpid II is a two-blade system while Rexpid III is a three-blade system.

We really appreciate having Sean with us for the weekend to help go over more of the broadheads! It's ultimately up to you whichever broadhead you pick but just know you can't truly go wrong as long as you pick the one that best suites your taste in hunting!


Also feel free to check out the whole video on youtube!

Seans Broadhead Comparison

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