3-in-1 Magic Vacuum Sealer Machine for Food Storage Air-Top & Hose Handheld Vacuum Sealer

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About the Product
  • [Vacuum Sealing] Lofaho vacuum sealing takes up to five times longer than keeping food fresh in the freezer. The usual way of storing and maintaining the taste and freshness of your food.
  • [Handheld Sealing] The Lofaho Handheld Sealing prevents discoloration of juices (tomatoes, apples, potatoes, etc.). The air top and air hose are used to upgrade a regular small mixer to a vacuum blender, and the Lofaho handheld sealing can also use a vacuum zipper bag.
  • [Container Sealing] Makes it easy to pack various foods. Includes disposable containers (i.e., liquid, soup, salad, bread, sushi, sashimi, rice) For take-out or picnic at home or small restaurant. Microwave & dishwasher usable container included Product Included: (1) Lofaho vacuum Sealer, (5) 8"x12" vacuum seal bags, (10) Random two sizes containers, (1) Top film(6"x32ft), (1) EPL (Easy peel) film(6"x32ft), (1) Air-hose, (1) Air-top
  • Space-saving unit stores in the kitchen to save you valuable countertop space
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