Dencle Travel Size Mouthwash - Stick Gargle

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About the Product

Dencle Stick Gargle is alcohol-free, and it is formulated to prevent dry mouth. Each box includes 30 stick gargles. 

1. Alcohol-Free
Dencle Stick Gargle preserves beneficial oral bacteria while eliminating harmful germs. It's formula is alcohol free which ensures a non-drying oral care experience. 

2. No Synthetic Surfactants
It is enriched with natural surfactants, and completely devoid of petroleum-derived synthetic compounds.

3. Colorless
Dencle Stick Gargle is enhanced with natural ingredients, and it is free from chemical dyes. 

4. Stick Mouthwash
Dencle Stick Gargle is ideal for on-the-go emergencies, and each stick is conveniently packed for one time use. 

5. Natural Ingredients
It offers a safe and reliable solution for your dental hygiene needs. It contains many natural ingredients including propolis, lime, and eucalyptus. 




Each Dencle Travel Size Mouthwash(Dencle Gargle Stick) comes in individually wrapped packets and can be taken along anywhere. Containing 11ml its just enough for a single use without taking up space.

Dencle Travel Size Mouthwash is very easy to use. Simply tear open along the perforation lines and swish for 30 seconds for a clean and refreshed feel.


Dencle Travel Size Mouthwash is made up of natural ingredients which work efficiently together to replace the need for alcohol or chemical based mouthwashes. Alcohol is a common ingredient in most mouthwashes and while it kills bacteria it also dries out your mouth and destroys beneficial bacteria. Without beneficial bacteria the mouth is prone to stomatitis, cavities, gum diseases and bad breath. 

As a healthier mouthwash option some of the main natural ingredients are lime, which eliminates harmful bacteria, relieves inflammation and strengthens immunity.

Propolis suppresses bacteria with its natural antibacterial properties. Just how honey is good for a sore throat it reduces inflammation in the mouth by getting rid of harmful bacteria and regenerating tissues.

Eucalyptus helps remove bad breath while its antibacterial properties prevent cavities and protect the teeth and gums.

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