Naturally Brewed Traditional Premium Soy Sauce

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About the Product

  • NATURALLY BREWED : +6 months of natural aging by fermentation system of soy sauce within the ground. It completes a deeper and richer flavor by applying the music fermentation method that plays classical music 24 hours everyday at the room.
  • NO SYNTHETIC PRESERVATIVES : No pigment additives, No MSG added, Non - GMO - instead, it is filled with mineral water, which makes it very healthy.
  • SPECIAL GRADE : TN 1.5 above, Optimum fermentation environment - Nature is in no hurry. Waiting with sincerity to make delicious soy sauce. An optimized fermentation curve that is not affected by external temperature and humidity for more than 180 days is created to create brewed soy sauce with excellent aroma and flavor. 
  • VERSATILE for Korean, Japanese, Chinese food, barbecue, salad - It is soy sauce that adds a deep taste to the soup with its unique umami and salty taste. Drizzle this sauce on sashimi and sushi, use it as a dip sauce for dumpling and even as marinade.
  •  EASY to use (in cooking) Umami(Savory), add a more flavor, add a soft salty taste - It's a secret of cooking that's delicious even if you just put it in. Shinangchon soy sauce is an easy-to-use and comes with a leak-proof bottle. Even if you don't cook often, but I often recommend you to have soy sauce to add flavor.

Ingredients: water, defatted soybean, wheat, salt, high-fructose corn syrup, spirits, oligosaccharide, honey, yeast extract, steviol glycoside, seedmalt

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