Big III - Fixed Broadheads for Crossbow Hunting - Screw Tip Blade System - Rotates On Impact - Increased Penetration - 1⅛˝ Cutting Diameter - 0.028" Blade Thickness - 100 Grain - 3 Pack

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About the Product
  • BIG III BROADHEADS: Enhance the force behind each shot! REXPID BIG III crossbow broadheads provide unrivaled power and precision. With a multiplex screw-loaded tip and three offset blades, the rotating screw tip intensifies the cutting force for a more devastating wound channel.
  • INNOVATIVE TIP TECH: Generates additional power to achieve deeper penetration! Using special impact drive technology this intelligently designed screw tip rotates upon impact, boosting penetrating power and allowing the broadhead to punch through targets more effectively.
  • WIDE CUTTING PATH: With a cutting diameter of 1⅛˝, BIG III 100 grain broadhead tips ensure a wider cutting path upon impact! This broad cutting surface increases the chances of hitting vital organs, bigger blood trails, and improving overall accuracy.
  • DURABLE & PRECISE: Constructed with precision and durability in mind! BIG III broadhead blades have a thickness of 0.028" for superior strength and resilience. These sharp and sturdy blades maintain their integrity even under high-velocity impacts, delivering consistent and reliable performance.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: User-friendly design for a hassle-free hunting experience! REXPID crossbow broadheads are quick and easy to install, allowing you to spend less time setting up your bow hunting equipment and more time in the field. Screw them into your crossbow bolts, and you're ready to go.
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