RX-S - Mechanical Broadheads For Crossbow Hunting - 3 Locked & Loaded Blades - Opens On Impact - Powerful Penetrating Force - 1½˝ Cutting Diameter - 0.035" Blade Thickness - 100 Grain - 3 Pack

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About the Product
  • RX-S BROADHEADS: Locked and loaded blades for ultimate power and penetration! REXPID RX-S crossbow broadheads simultaneously deploy 3 razor-sharp blades upon tip impact with the target for more controlled, precise entry and a devastating wound channel.
  • SUPERIOR FLIGHT: Precision-grade mechanical system for superior hunting performance! RX-S' blades are securely locked during flight, providing stability and minimizing any potential wobbling or deviation for improved shot accuracy and consistent arrow flight.
  • LARGE CUTTING PATH: With a generous cutting diameter of 1½˝, RX-S 100 grain broadheads ensure a wide cutting path upon impact! This impressive cutting surface increases the chances of hitting vital organs and maximizing hunting efficiency.
  • DURABLE & PRECISE: Built to withstand rigorous hunting conditions! RX-S broadhead expandable blades have a thickness of 0.035" for superior performance and durability. The precision engineering of the blades ensures reliable and consistent deployment to deliver powerful penetrating force when it matters most.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: User-friendly design for a hassle-free hunting experience! REXPID crossbow broadheads are quick and easy to install, allowing you to spend less time setting up your bow hunting equipment and more time in the field. Screw them into your crossbow bolts, and you're ready to go.
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