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Jay’s K-POP Hot 10 (3rd week of April) Top 10 K-pop Jams You NEED on Your Playlist Right Now

by Jay Kang on Apr 19, 2024

Jay’s K-POP Hot 10 (3rd week of April) Top 10 K-pop Jams You NEED on Your Playlist Right Now
Hey K-Pop fans! Ever wonder what jams are topping the charts in South Korea? Buckle up, because we're about to spill the tea on the hottest tracks dominating the scene for the 3rd week of April!
Get ready for girl group power, rookie debuts taking over the world, and even some major comebacks from beloved artists.  This list is hotter than kimchi on a summer day! ️
Here's the Lowdown:

#1. ILLIT - Magnetic:

ILLIT - Magnetic
These rookie queens just debuted last month and already cracked the Billboard Hot 100! Talk about a MIC DROP!  Their song "Magnetic" is all over TikTok and Reels, so you might have already heard it without even realizing it.

#2. (G)I-DLE - Fate:

(G)I-DLE - Fate
This girl crush anthem held the top spot on a Korean music show for three whole weeks!    No wonder it's blowing up short-form platforms – it's basically begging to be turned into a dance challenge.

#3. TWS - The first meeting doesn't go as planned:

TWS - The first meeting doesn't go as planned
Another rookie group making waves, TWS is all about catchy tunes and addictive beats.  Their debut album dropped in January, but "The first meeting doesn't go as planned" is still going strong on the charts.  Guess some things just get stuck in your head forever!

#4. Changsub Lee - Cheon Sang-yeon:

Changsub Lee - Cheon Sang-yeon
This BTOB member took a classic song from the year 2000 (wow, that long ago?!) and gave it a fresh remake.   Originally for a boy band called CAN, "Cheon Sang-yeon" is now the OST for a popular Korean webtoon.  Webtoons AND K-Pop? We love a crossover moment!

#5. BIBI - Bam Yang Gang: 

BIBI - Bam Yang Gang
Feeling a little nonsensical lately?  This song is totally for you!   "Bam Yang Gang" is all about simple, repetitive lyrics that just get stuck in your head.  Perfect for those short attention spans, right?

#6. IU - Love wins all:

IU - Love wins all:
Queen IU is back with a song that has everyone talking, thanks to its wild music video and a special appearance from BTS V!   Seriously, IU can do no wrong.  There's a reason they say "trust and listen to IU"!

#7. DAY6 - You were beautiful:

DAY6 - You were beautiful
This throwback gem is back on the charts after seven years!  Talk about a slow burn!   Maybe it's because everyone's finally realizing how amazing this song is.  Better late than never, right?

#8. QWER - To be honest:

QWER - To be honest
This band is making a splash in both Korea and Japan, hitting the top spot in Korea and reaching number 25 in Japan!   They're definitely a group to watch.


These Coachella queens are still going strong with "EASY."  Their debut song already has over 300 million streams on Spotify, and "EASY" is well on its way to hitting 100 million!

#10. DAY6 - Time of our life:

DAY6 - Time of our life
Looks like DAY6 is giving us a double dose of goodness!  This song is back on the charts alongside "You were beautiful."   The lyrics are seriously top-notch, so it's no surprise it's making a comeback.
Alright K-Pop fam, it's your turn!
  • What K-Pop songs are you obsessed with right now?
  • How many of these chart-toppers have you already heard?
  • Spill the tea on your favorite K-Pop artists in the comments!
P.S. Leave a comment with your favorite K-Pop song or artist and you could win some FREE special K-Pop merch!   Don't miss out!

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