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Timothee Chalamet Takes Korea by Storm (and Steak) for "Dune: Part Two" Promo

by Jay Kang on Mar 15, 2024

Timothee Chalamet Takes Korea by Storm (and Steak) for "Dune: Part Two" Promo

Image by warnerbros on [IG @warnerbros.korea]


Looks like Hollywood heartthrob Timothee Chalamet isn't just stealing hearts on screen, he's becoming a bonafide Korean travel influencer too! While in Korea to promote the highly anticipated "Dune: Part Two," Chalamet packed his short visit with delicious eats, trendy shopping, and even a dose of Korean history. Here's how you can follow in his footsteps (minus the screaming fans, hopefully).


Foodie Finds:
  • Meat Lover's Paradise: Craving some sizzling Korean BBQ? Head to "Woo sum" in Yeouido, just like Chalamet did. This restaurant is all about the perfect pairing of succulent Korean beef and sake.

Image by Woosum on [IG @woosum_junkoo]


  • Coffee Break with a Twist: Need a caffeine fix with a touch of sophistication? Check out "Edition Denmark" in Seochon. Here, Chalamet enjoyed a cup of their "coffee collective filter coffee," and you can browse their selection of handcrafted teas while you're at it.

Image by Edition Denmark on [IG @editiondenmark]


Shopping Spree:
  • Fashion Forward: Calling all fashionistas! Channel your inner Chalamet with a visit to "Manmade Dosan" in Apgujeong. This hotspot is a flagship store for trendy menswear brands WOOYOUNGMI and SOLID HOMME, where Chalamet reportedly snagged six new pieces!

Image by wooyoungmi on [wooyoungmwebsite @wooyoungmi.com]

1. Ivory Oversized-fit Chiffon Hood Zip-Up / W241TS41749I / $737
2. Violet collar hairy sweater / W241KN06516V / $436
3. Mint hairy sweater / W241KN05512M / $511
4. Ivory Yak Zip-Up Cardigan / W233KN31535I / $1113
5. Navy Nylon Track Pants / W241PT11931N / $511
6. Gray Nylon Track Pants / W241PT11930G / $511


Cultural Immersion:
  • A Royal Chill: Want to experience some Korean history like Timothee? A visit to Changdeok Palace is a must. Here, Chalamet was spotted soaking up the scenery and even enjoying some quality time with his dad by the palace pond.

Image by tory on [Dimitory @tory]
So next time you're craving adventure, take a page out of Timothee Chalamet's book. Explore local hidden gems, indulge in delicious food, and soak up some culture. Who knows, you might just become an honorary MZ gen (Jay's tip: it's a term used in South Korea to refer to both Millennials and Generation Z together!) wherever you roam!

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