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So Korea is Obsessed with These Crazy Trends (and I Tried Them Both!)

by Jay Kang on Mar 22, 2024

So Korea is Obsessed with These Crazy Trends (and I Tried Them Both!)
Here's What All the Hype Was About (For Gen Z at Least!)

Hey everyone!
Just got back to Korea, and let me tell you, Gen Z over there is on a whole other level.
They've got some seriously wild trends going on, and of course, I had to jump right in!
If you're planning a trip to Korea soon, get ready for some seriously Instagrammable fun.
Here's the lowdown on two things you absolutely have to try:
#1: Tanghulu - Candy-Coated Fruit Everywhere!

Forget your funnel cake and churros, the new street food craze in Korea is Tanghulu.
Think bite-sized fruits like strawberries, blueberries, or even mangoes dipped in a hard candy shell.
Apparently, it's all over TikTok thanks to its satisfying ASMR sounds (think: crunching candy).

Now, I'm all for trendy snacks, but honestly?
My taste buds were like "woah, that's a LOT of sugar!".
Like, dentist-nightmare sweet.
One dentist even joked he could buy a house in Gangnam (think Beverly Hills of Korea) after just one bite and seeing everyone chomping on these!

Here's the weird part: there were signs
everywhere saying "Don't throw away the skewers!" and "Don't
bring Tanghulu on the plane!" Never saw anything like that back in the
States. Maybe it's a recycling thing, or maybe that sugar gets REALLY sticky?
#2: High-Angle Photo Booths - Taking Selfies to New Heights

Remember those old-school photo booths that cranked out four awkward squares?
Korea's taken them to a whole new level (literally!).
They've got these high-angle booths with all sorts of wacky themes – elevators, airplanes, even a laundromat!
Basically, anything you can imagine getting a goofy pic in, they've got it.
The camera's way up top, snapping eight pics in total, then you pick your favorites.
Super fun for a group outing!
You bet I'm hitting up every high-angle booth I can find!
Consider my inner goofball unleashed and get ready for my questionable posing skills from above!
High-angle photo booths or epic Tanghulu sugar rush?
What's your K-Pop fueled, Korean street food adventure going to be first?

Vote in the comments and hit me with any Korea questions!
(K-beauty tips, hidden gems, or just the other hype?)

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