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Hold on, the Finger Heart Craze Started in Korea?!

by Jay Kang on Mar 29, 2024

Hold on, the Finger Heart Craze Started in Korea?!

Image by The Fact on [News @The Fact] - BTS


So, picture this: you're chilling with your BFFs in the US, throwing up finger hearts like nobody's business.
But then your Korean exchange student hits you with, "Whoa, those finger hearts are SO Korean!"
 Image by MTV on [YouTube @MTV] / Image by Sports Today on [News @Sports Today]
Image by ohmystar on [News @ohmystar]/ Image by TaylorSPolls on [Twitter @TaylorSPolls]
Turns out, this cute little trend actually originated in K-Pop way back in 2011.
Imagine your fave idol (like, the total bias wrecker of your dreams) flashing this heart at a concert – instant meltdown, right?
Well, that's basically what happened, and pretty soon, everyone in Korea was doing it.
But the finger heart's journey doesn't stop there!
It hopped over to China and Japan, then totally dominated the 2018 Winter Olympics.
(Can you imagine all those athletes throwing finger hearts after winning gold? Talk about adorable!)
And guess what? Even emojis got in on the action in 2022 🫰.
 Now, Korea's not a one-trick pony when it comes to hearts.
Buckle up, because we're about to explore the HALL OF FAME of finger hearts:
1. The OG Finger Heart: This classic is what you probably think of first.
It's like the "basic black dress" of finger hearts – simple, cute, and goes with everything. ‍
Image by Dispatch on [IG @Dispatch] - NCT127 Zungwoo
2. Double Trouble Twist Heart: Feeling a little sassy?
Take it up a notch with the Double Trouble Twist Heart!
Instead of flipping one hand completely upside down,
make a peace sign with one hand and bend your thumb towards your index finger.
Then, with your other hand, make a regular finger heart and line up your index finger with the thumb of your first hand
– like they're twisting together!
It's like a regular finger heart, but with a double dose of personality.
Image by MeltyMelody_yb on [IG @MeltyMelody_yb] - DIA Yebin
3. Cheek Heart: This one is pure aegyo (acting cute)!
Imagine cupping your cheeks and making a little heart shape inside.
Basically, it's the ultimate way to say "please" without saying a word.
Image by ivestarship on [IG @ivestarship] - IVE Gaeul
Image by Newsen on [News @Newsen] - Stray Kids I.N & Hyunjin
4. Fist Heart (BlackPink Heart): Calling all BlackPink fans!
This one's for you.
It's basically a regular finger heart wrapped in a fist bump – perfect for showing love with a little extra girl power.

Image by eNews on [News @eNews- BlackPink

5. Two-Finger Heart: This one's a bit trickier, but totally worth the effort.
It's a tiny, delicate heart made with just your index finger and middle finger.
Perfect for those times when you need to be subtle (but still adorable).
Image by MBN on [IG @MBN] - Exo Suho
6. Chomp Heart: ‍Feeling playful (with a hint of mystery)?
Channel your inner Chomp Heart!
Make a circle with your thumb and index finger of both hands.
Now, pretend to take a bite out of the side, creating a heart shape with your fingers.
It's a unique way to show your love!
Image by Dispatch on [News @Dispatch] - Loona Chuu
Bonus Round: Timothy Chalamet Edition!
Even Hollywood heartthrobs are getting in on the finger heart action!
Image by SBS on [News @SBS]
Image by MHN Sports on [News @MHN Sports]
Remember how Hollywood heartthrob Timmy totally stole hearts (and maybe even learned a finger heart or two) during his recent trip to Korea for the world premiere of Dune: Part II?
Check my blog post “Timothee Chalamet Takes Korea by Storm (and Steak) for "Dune: Part Two" Promo” where I break down what he ate, wore, and did during his recent trip to Korea!
So, you've mastered the art of the finger heart, but what's next?
We want to see YOUR finger heart skills!

Show us your best finger hearts (OG, Double Trouble Twist, Two-Finger, you name it!)
Snap a pic and share it with us on social media using the hashtag
#FingerHeartChallenge @officialppmt1.
You could win some special merch to rep your finger heart love!

Let us know in the comments below which finger heart is your favorite and how easy (or hard!) they were to try.
We can't wait to see your creativity!

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