Rexpid Collab Program

Rexpid Broadheads is searching for passionate hunters to join our
exclusive Content Collaboration Program! We're looking for skilled individuals to create engaging video content featuring our top-of-the-line broadheads, including:

- In-depth product reviews

- Thrilling product tests in the field

- Viral-worthy hunting adventures

- Hunting and archery practice tips

- And much more!

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Rexpid's Mission

Through fresh innovations, highly advanced automated production lines, and strategic worldwide cooperations, Rexpid has become a world class manufacturer of outdoor sports.
Striving for perfection has emphasized quality and engineering advancement over short term sales numbers has ensured the continued growth of Rexpid.
In a world where only the competitive survive, Rexpid will continue to stand tall with quality and growth for years to come.

Why Rexpid Broadheads?

" Best broadhead I have ever shot! Devastating impact and streamline accuracy! I’ll shoot nothing else! "

- Facebook user Jim Koerber

" I’ve shot Rage for as long as I can remember. I saw a video from the ATA show of the RX-S and I was hooked. Shot a doe and she didn’t go 30 yards. She left a blood trail better than any Rage kill that I have ever had. RX-S is all I will use"

- Facebook user Justin Taylor Sharp

" Truly the best designed broadhead on the market today! I have shot both the fixed blades and mechanical out of my bow for the last 3 years and they all have field point accuracy. Not to mention insanely sharp, devastating wound channels, and with the mechanicals I never have to worry about collars, rubber bands, or O-rings ever again!!!

- Facebook user Sean Larson

" Love my Rexpid 3’s. Blow through the shoulder of a Doe in day 1 of my Wi hunt and used the same head and arrow to harvest my buck on day 2. Very tough and durable heads. You won’t find anything else in my quiver."

- Facebook user Edward Mathis

Discover Unmatched Quality and Expertise with Rexpid: Elevate Your Hunting Experience

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