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Cars of 7-Eleven: What's All The Hype?

by David Gould on Apr 12, 2024

Cars of 7-Eleven: What's All The Hype?

7-Eleven has grown exponentially within their social media platforms, and it's because of one simple hashtag... #CarsOf7Eleven. This social media engagement strategy has attracted niche customers and engagement from all corners of the internet.

Why is it so popular?

Car enthusiasts have loved 7-Elevens iconic store front for years, becoming a staple in the car community. This comes from iconic scenes in car media and movies, making 7-Eleven the one stop shop for gasoline, snacks, and photo-ops while people are out on a late night cruise. 7-Eleven caught on to its prestigious foothold in the car community, and made a social media campaign, #CarsOf7Eleven. What started as a seemingly simple concept has evolved into a cultural movement, leaving a significant impact on the car community and beyond.



Why does 7-Eleven participate?

7-Eleven found the perfect recipe to drive traffic to their social media. This engaging content swarms thousands of users to their posts, resulting in 50k+ like responses to some of their best performing posts. This strategy has increased their followers to an impressive 1M+. The formula is simple, and encourages people to keep sharing for the chance to be shown in the lime light.

What kind of people participate?

Anyone can participate, as long as you have a car. The sleeker looking your car is, the better chance you have of it being reposted! 7-Eleven reposts and tags the best entries, giving you the chance to be in the limelight! #CarsOf7Eleven gets hundreds of entries per day, and it's very possible your car can be featured next. Give it a try! Whether you have a vintage classic, or a drift missile, any beautiful car is accepted!

How to get your car ready for a #CarsOf7Eleven Photoshoot

Prep your car with a nice touchless wash, and get ready to show your shiny paintjob. One important thing about being featured on 7-Eleven's Instagram is making sure your car's appearance is in tip top shape. Once your car has been thoroughly washed, decontaminated, and checked for any impurities, we recommend ceramic coating your car for an even further gloss enhancement. We recommend using Rayno RX711 (Hey, what a coincidence!) for your ceramic coating needs. This ceramic coating uses high performing hydrophobic properties that presents an ultra slick, ultra easy application process that will have your car looking beautiful in no time. Maybe you can take a hose to the paint in the 7-Eleven parking lot, and show off your new water-beading technology? Or, take some beautiful close ups of the glossy surface that has been amplified by your new coating.



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