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Daikoku Car Meet - How To Visit The Unique Car Meet

by David Gould on Feb 23, 2024

Daikoku Car Meet - How To Visit The Unique Car Meet

Every fan of JDM and Japanese Car Culture has dreamed of visiting Daikoku PA. David from PPMT1 did just that, and set forth on a journey to the most influential car meet in the world. Daikoku PA meets most frequently happen on Friday's, Saturdays, and Sundays. You can witness beautiful cars any time of day, any day but those 2 days are hotspots for meets. Groups of JDM legends and souped up cars start rolling in around 7:00PM, each with a unique touch to its design.

Upon arriving to Daikoku PA with my new friend Yamato, I was instantly thrown into a whole new world of cars. Every single JDM legend was present. GTR's were most abundant, with a wide range of R34 GTR's pulling up incrementally.

Daikoku is convienently located next to a Lawson's mart, and a food market next door. I refueled with some Japanese snacks like a cream puff, and melon Fanta. I grabbed a few car magazines and made my way back to the meet.

A large group of Mazda RX7's pulled into the parking area, including the classic RX7 from Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift that Han drives.

Yamato's friend swiftly joins the meet, with his 1000+ horsepower Toyota Supra MK4. This Supra was one of the cleanest I have ever seen, with a completely blacked out appearance that reminds me of going ghost mode.

These photos don't do the night justice, as I only covered a fraction of what came and went as the night went on. The Japanese car scene continues to amaze me every day, and experiencing this exhilarating meet is one thing to add to your own bucket list. I recommend finding someone to bring you to the meet with their own car, as there is no public entry outside of car use. The local police have cracked down on illegal entry as tourists have entered in crafty ways as of recently, ruining the car meet for everyone. Stay safe, and don't be like these guys. Find a ride, enjoy the show.


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