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Lofaho Tray Features

by Izabela Kokoszka on Jun 13, 2024

Lofaho Tray Features

Think to a time when you went out to buy some new containers to store your food in. What drew you into your selected purchase? Important factors such as the quality of the material, sturdiness, being microwave safe, and not being large and bulky to take up a lot of storage space would be top priorities. You left the store confident of your newly purchased containers. They would be sure to properly store your food.

Now think to times you bought takeout food from a restaurant or took leftover food home. How does the experience of using restaurant containers compare to the ones you own at home? Probably not as highly.

Restaurant containers are often flimsy, made of foam or paper that doesn’t feel very supportive, making you worry about keeping it upright and preventing any spills during transport. There’s a good chance the containers aren’t suitable to be microwaved, making you need to transfer to a new container to enjoy your meal. Food just doesn’t stay fresh in them for long. This is due to the material not being ideal to store items such as fresh fruits and vegetables that quickly spoil. The seal on these containers isn’t great which causes the food to absorb smells from the refrigerator and taste off.

Lofaho offers a solution to bad restaurant containers. Its trays are small and sleek in design yet sturdy enough to withstand being handled, stacked on one another, and placed in the freezer or microwave. Being sealed with an airtight plastic film on top instead of a lid allows food to stay fresh longer, making it ideal to use for meal prep or packing weekly meals.

The trays are very convenient to have many outstanding features other containers can’t claim.


No harmful chemicals

Lofaho’s trays contain no recycled resin that’s commonly found in plastic containers. They are white in color with no added pigmentation. Often other plastic containers are dyed navy or black, Lofaho is committed to staying clean and using no dyes. Both the tray and sealing film are safe to make contact with food.


No smell or discoloration

The seal tightly seals in smells and locks away air so food like apples won’t start to change their color or have unwanted odors from other foods pass through and ruin the flavor. The tray and plastic seal itself are also odorless unlike other plastic containers that have strong chemical smells. You can be assured the trays are made of safe plastics that aren’t toxic or harmful to your health.


Microwave and dishwasher safe

You can use the same tray container you received your meal in to heat up again in the microwave, no need to use another dish. Being made of top food grade plastic no chemicals will be released from the tray or film, just be sure to peel back the film a bit before microwaving. It is also safe to use in the dishwasher and won’t melt or warp under the heat. A tray can be washed and resealed up to 10 times.



The trays comes in a variety of sizes and will fit all your sealing needs. A 55mm and a 75mm are the sizes the machine usually comes with but there’s a total of 6 different sizes you can get, one tray even has two compartments so you can keep your food separate, for example, if you have one liquid-based food you don’t want mixing with the other.


Zero spills

Plastic film sealed trays are the only food storage containers that can have a zero spill rate. The plastic film is heated up and sealed to the edges of the tray, creating a leak proof and air tight seal. Nothing can get in to contaminate the food and no food will leak out until the plastic film is removed. There are two types of film that can be used, an easier to remove EPL film used to seal things you’ll want to easily have access to later, such as snacks or meal prepped vegetables. TOP film is tougher and recommended for items that are prone to leaking, such as soups or sauces. Find out more about the films and their features here.  


Lofaho trays have a higher cost than cheap generic takeout containers, however they still stand out in many ways. Higher customer satisfaction through innovative tray sealing trays is a given. Check out this experiment comparing soup delivery in a standard container, we’ll tell you it was messy with spills as expected. Sealing the same soup in a tray we tested it out by flipping the tray upside down and saw zero leaks.

Thoroughly sealing food aside, Lofaho containers are better for customers health as they’re made with no harmful chemicals, are microwave safe, and will keep food fresh longer, making it safe for consumption even a few days later.

Purchase a Lofaho Compact Tray Sealer Machine and begin successfully sealing in your next meals. 

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