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Why Lofaho is Beneficial to Restaurants

by Izabela Kokoszka on Jun 03, 2024

Why Lofaho is Beneficial to Restaurants

One essential aspect of increasing sales in the restaurant industry is delivery, and in the delivery service the most important aspect is ensuring that the food will be neatly delivered. This part is difficult for restaurants to uphold as they pass the delivery task to delivery drivers and cannot control how the food is handled. While delivery drivers try their best to ensure a smooth delivery the road is unpredictable, your dinner is only one sudden break away from being splattered all over the delivery bag.

Luckily Lofaho offers a solution to this problem thanks to its sealed trays. Each tray is securely sealed with a plastic film on top, making it impossible for any spills to happen during delivery. The plastic film is strong and can handle other sealed trays being stacked on top of each other.

To show this common issue we ordered miso soup. It was delivered in a foam container with a plastic lid on top. The soup spilled and leaked all over the container and delivery bag. However, when the soup is sealed inside a Lofaho tray it’s guaranteed not to leak anywhere. Even when the tray is tipped over nothing spills through the film. If the soup had been tray sealed with a plastic film on top the container would have been completely clean.

Keeping food inside is only one part of the many benefits the Lofaho Tray Sealer has to offer you. Read below to find out how else the Lofaho will make your business run smoother.


Quick and easy to use

Setting up the machine and sealing food is very quick and easy. To get started simply press a button to turn the machine on, and its ready to start sealing seconds later. There’s no need to wait around for the machine to warm up.


One touch sealing

You don’t need to worry about dealing with the heat necessary to seal the plastic film onto the food trays. Once the tray is set in place with the film pulled over it you close the lid, press a button and let the Lofaho take care of the rest. When you open the lid again the tray will be cool enough to handle.


Doesn’t take up much space like other sealing machines

Many food sealing machines aimed at restaurants are huge industrial size machines that take up much floor space. With the Lofaho Tray Sealer you can place it on a counter to use and then store away when not in use to free up space. It’s small enough to be tucked away on a shelf.


Able to package any kinds of food

You can pack anything from salad, fruit, meat, desserts, and even soups or sauces. Some restaurants may use different types of containers to pack various foods into. Lofaho’s trays work with any type of food.


Makes food spillproof for better customer satisfaction

One fact that everyone can agree on is receiving damaged food upon delivery. We know restaurants can’t control what happens on the road once a food delivery service like uberEats, DoorDash or GrubHub picks it up. Stay assured all the food will stay safely inside even if it falls to the ground when a driver brakes too hard. Nothing will leak through the securely sealed film top.


Variety of sized trays

Choose a tray that’s the perfect size for your packed meal. If sealing a small order or a dish that needs to stay wrapped neatly together such as a burrito use a smaller tray so the contents don’t move around during delivery. A large main dish or something like several pieces of fried chicken will also easily fit into a larger tray.


Stay fresh longer

If your customers choose not to eat their meal right away the airtight seal will keep food fresher for longer than it would in a regular container. The trays can be safely frozen and microwaved later too, other delivery containers can’t do this.


Stand out from other competitors who use weak containers

Most other businesses use containers such as foam, paper and plastic. All of these containers are easy to damage during delivery. More importantly none of these containers are spill proof. Only a sealed film top can guarantee a completely clean delivered meal.



If you’ve never used a tray sealing machine check out this video to see how easy it is. By using the Lofaho tray sealer your soups and sauces will never end up spilled again! It’s ideal to seal any meal in and will stay fresh much longer than in an average delivery container.  

We offer a 20% discount on your purchase of a Lofaho tray sealer. To purchase follow this link.

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