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Lofaho Compact Tray Sealer Review

by Izabela Kokoszka on May 16, 2024

Lofaho Compact Tray Sealer Review

What types of containers do you usually get your restaurant food delivered in? Most likely a plastic container with a lid on top, or a foam box. Both of these do an acceptable job of transporting the food as long as its held stable until it arrives. If you tile either of these contains you can expect them to leak, the foam box right away while the plastic container with a lid might do a slightly better job.  Plastic contains are sometimes enclosed up in plastic wrap in case of the food inside being runny. It helps somewhat but as soon as you take that foil off the liquids and oils will drip all over your kitchen, plus the plastic container will be all covered in food as well. To save you from that mess consider using a plastic seal container.

The Lofaho Compact Tray Sealer Machine 1181 is a great addition to any restaurant kitchen. It has the ability to securely seal the top of the food container, ensuring the food will safely arrive for clients. Plastic containers work well besides their non leak proof tops, the Tray Sealer Machine fixes just that problem. The containers are still microwave safe and don’t need to use an extra dish to transfer food on to. Simply poke a few holes in the film before heating it up. Not only will the seal on top help the food heat up faster but it will also keep your microwave clean from any splatters.

The container is reusable so you can seal it again multiple times.  


How to use

Let’s start with how to operate the Lofaho Compact Tray Sealer.

  • Power the machine on by pressing the power switch for 2 seconds. Once the power switch turns green you’re ready to go.
  • Next press the PUSH button to have the lid open up
  • With the lid open you can place your container inside. Make sure the container fits securely on the rubber sides of the space for the container
  • Open up the film cover lid and pull the film towards the container, cover the entire surface with a little film sticking out over the edge. Make sure there’s no moisture on the edges of the container for a secure seal
  • Close the lid on the machine and push button to seal. The power button will flash alternating red and green lights, it will stop at red once the containers sealed
  • Finally open up the top and cut off the excess film with the cutter, going over 3 times will do it
  • The container can be take out now after cutting off the foil


Why is the Lofaho Compact Tray Sealer great for restaurants?


  1. One-touch sealing system for convenience.
  • Sealing is easy with the push of a button.
  • The machine seals the plastic with heat you never need to touch
  • A container can easily be sealed under a minute and done by anyone with how easy it is.
  1. Ability to package any kind of food
  • Pack salads, meats, side dishes, fresh vegetables, fruits, desserts and more
  • Make sure food is cooled before sealing however, don’t seal hot food
  1. No leak delivery
  • The seal on Lofaho’s containers is leakproof, you can be assured nothing will spill during delivery
  • Soups, sauces, and tother liquid dishes will always make it safely to their destination.


What’s inside the tray sealer machine?

Each machine comes with the main machine unit, two films (TOP film, EPL film), and two types of containers (10 each).

TOP film provides a strong seal but needs to be opened with a knife, leaving behind non-reusable plastic at the end of the container (suitable for soup dishes).

EPL film is easy to open by hand, allowing container reuse, but it's more suitable for simple salads or light dishes.



The trays are very convenient to have many outstanding features other containers can’t claim.


The trays comes in a variety of sizes and will fit all your sealing needs. A 55mm and a 75mm are the sizes the machine usually comes with but there’s a total of 6 different sizes you can get, one tray even has two compartments so you can keep your food separate, for example if you have one liquid based food you don’t want mixing with the other.



The seal on top is translucent so you’ll always know exactly what’s in there. No more taking the wrong lunch to work.



The trays easily stack on one another, and with no need for a lid they take up even less space. Don’t worry about stacking containers with a plastic seal, its plenty strong enough to hold weight.


No smell or discoloration

The seal tightly seals in smells and locks away air so food like apples won’t start to change their color.


No harmful chemicals

Both the tray and film are safe to make contact with food.


Zero spills

Tray sealed containers are the only ones that have a zero spill while having an easily removable film.


Make your restaurants food delivery service stand out with the innovative tray sealing containers. No more customers complaining about their food arriving in poor quality condition. Tray sealing containers are the future of food delivery.

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