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FallOut: The TV Series vs Video Game Series Comparison

by Grace Hauk on May 31, 2024

FallOut: The TV Series vs Video Game Series Comparison

Ever since the release of the Fallout Series on Amazon Prime, many people have bought or reinstalled Fallout games. With this release, previous fans of the game franchise were quick to notice some changes and similarities between the show and the video game. 

What Changed?

When it comes to the story and display of the world, there were a few changes that were made that goes against what was established in the video game. For starters, the ghouls. In the show we were informed that ghouls are created by a specific serum and require medication in order to not go feral and become zombie-like. They dive further into this medication by showing how much there is and how vital it is, especially when we are following Cooper Howard (aka The Ghoul). 

This however is not how Ghouls are made and live in the game. There is no sort of evidence of a medication, and the creation of Ghouls is associated with just plain ol' radiation exposure for a long time. The symptoms however are correct, the aging seems to stop and they have the potential to become feral and needlessly attack others. 

The Wasteland. Players of the franchise may not exactly point this out or complain, but the West Coast is portrayed even more vast and empty than how it is in the video game. The difference is that the Fallout games are more dense in their design of the wastelands whereas the show opens it, and it has to in order to make the world work. They create a similar atmosphere to the games when we see characters go to specific locations and get involved in a fight or uncovering the truth. But the show did an amazing job of showing the true feeling of the wasteland, that the world was destroyed and everything is dangerous and you are alone. 

What Was Accurate to the Games?

There a few things that remained accurate to the games within the show, the first is the quote "War. War never changes." This specific quote is featured in every single game as well as the TV show now. The theme of the show is the parallel to previous wars and the new ones. It's destructive and leaves everything in ruin, and with the shocking first episode witnessing multiple atomic bombs strike down, we see a drastic change in the world. 

The Vaults. The game depicts them as mysterious with hidden motives and plot, and fans of the franchise were not disappointed by the show when it came to their depiction. Instead of playing them as privileged and with their heads in the sand, we experience the uncovering of an even more sinister plot happening in the vaults. To avoid spoiling for folks who have yet to see the show, I will leave the mystery there.


What did you think about the show? Was it mostly accurate to the story of Fallout? Let us know in the comments!

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