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Comparing Characters Created in Fallout to Their Actors

by Izabela Kokoszka on May 30, 2024

Comparing Characters Created in Fallout to Their Actors

The Fallout series on Amazon has had a very positive reception both from old fans of the video games and its new audience who love the live action series. The show is considered well written, paced, humorous and witty, and played with great actors. It has done excellent in following the video game story and adapting it to an entire series. For those unfamiliar with Fallout premise its about a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles where many citizens live underground after escaping there after a nuclear explosion went off and forced them to stay underground to stay protected from radiation, people affected by radiation(ghouls), and others who have adapted to the post-apocalyptic world.  Due to the explosion happening in the 1950’s the people in the vaults still maintain a 50’s lifestyle, with life being wholesome, upbeat and clean, a major contrast of what’s happening above ground. One of the main characters, Lucy is sent off to the new dangerous world and must find a way to navigate it along with other seasoned surface-dwelling citizens.

Since the Fallout series premiered it has drawn old fans of the games back into playing again and the new fans to try out the game. Both are trying to recreate their favorite characters to look just like their real life actors. It has brought the Fallout community together as people create videos of how they adjust features to get these realistic builds. The builds are made in the Fallout 4 game, which vary in the level of detail depending if they’re being played on a PC or gaming system.

Vaultgirl2077 has made a name for herself in creating characters with an incredible resemblance to their real life counterparts. She makes the characters in Fallout 4 with mods on a PC. Some of the special mods such as Lucy’s ponytail and Ghoul being nose less are only available on PC which is why not everyone can achieve those details on their characters. Vaultgirl2077 has created characters as they won polls on her Instagram for who to design next.



Created by 09071518 on Reddit

Their Lucy stands out with the shape of the face, lips, and shadow placement.  09071518 has done an excellent job by keeping the overall appearance of the face soft and eyes just dark enough without giving Lucy heavy makeup.



Created by Hevs Character Creations on YouTube

Hevs Character Creations created the Ghoul and he looks very realistic with his scarred face! The trick to make the scar lines all over the face more prominent was to flick out the chin and cheeks as far as possible, giving them a sharp and jagged look. The nose was achieved the same way, by making it small and pointed upwards.



Created by Papa Frank on YouTube

PapaFrank made a video of his build. He paid close attention to the size of Maximus’s chin and forehead space, as well as his eyebrows to really define Maximus’s features. Giving Maximus a broken nose seemed to be PapaFranks’s favorite part.


If you haven’t watched the new series yet or played the game yet we recommend you try one or both out, and after try recreating one of your favorite characters as well. With the show being out for almost 2 months now there are plenty of tutorials to help you gets started.

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