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Top Anime Funko Pops!

by Izabela Kokoszka on May 23, 2024

Top Anime Funko Pops!

With so many Funko Pops! you might find yourself wondering which one’s are worth picking up. There are often a few variations of a single character so you might be torn which version you should get. And as much as you’d want to collect every single character that’s not always possible so the list below is top picks for anime Funko Pops! based off popular and eye catching designs. If you're new to Funko Pops! and would like to know more before starting your collection take a look at our Funko Pop 101 article.

The Pops! are sorted by most popular anime’s for collecting figures from and their favorite characters.

One Piece 

#1. Buggy the Clown - 1276

A highly detailed design with vibrant colors shows off Buggy’s charismatic personality. With his taunting stance and colors Buggy grabs our attention and is a must have for fans.

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#2. Yamato - 1596

Yamato’s surging powers are certainly for show in this Pop!, they glow in the dark! Even in day light Yamato is eye catching with her blue and purple ice nicely framing her beast form.

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#3. Roronoa Zoro - 923 

Zoro shows off his swordsmanship as he wields his three weapons in a battle-ready pose.

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Attack on Titan

#4. Cleaning Levi - 239

Levi in one of his iconic and one of our favorite looks on him, his cleaning outfit featuring his duster and face covering against the dust he’s fighting.

But it here:

#5. Mikasa Ackermann - 1446

We can see the intensity on Mikasa’s face as she launches herself at opponents. The detail of her Thunder Spears and uniform give the Pop! a very clean and polished design.

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#6. Captain Levi - 315

Captain Levi flies into action in this mid air pose with his swords drawn and ready to strike. This design really captures the movement of Levi’s body and we can predict what is to come next.

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Demon Slayer

#7. Shinobu Kocho - 1314

We love this Pop! for the purple butterfly base, it’s unique and shows off Shinobu’s iconic motif. It also matches the highly detailed butterfly bow on her head.

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#8. Nezuko Kamado - 1264

An essential character for any Demon Slayer fan this figure features Nezuko with her signature bamboo mouthpiece.  The dust cloud and Nezuko’s hair flying behind show her in action.

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#9. Tengen Uzui - 1533

A very popular Pop! That keeps selling out. No wonder with Tengen’s flashy design. His headpiece, eye marking, and swords are perfectly captured.

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#10. Tanjiro Kamado - 873

Tanjiro is accompanied by a water dragon while performing his Constant Flux. You can see Tanjiro preparing to attack based on the movement of his hair and robe. The dragon glows blue in the dark!

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Jujutsu Kaisen

#11. Satoru Gojo - 1114

Gojo’s laid back pose show his calm, collected, and confident personality as he effortlessly holds his hand up to unleash his powers. This simple design figure is essential to start your Jujutsu Kaisen collection.

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#12. Mahito - 1121

Mahito is ready to strike with his detailed blade hand. What will he transform it into next?

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#13. Ryomen Sukuna - 1483

This Pop! has one of our favorite scenes when Sukuna tears off his shirt to show he’s ready to fight. The detail of the shredded yellow shirt makes for a fun design and we know that was the focus of this Pop!

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My Hero Academia

#14. Katsuki Bakugo - 969

The spikes on Bakugo’s hair, headpiece, blasts from the fire in his hands and below his feet really grab our attention. It really gives us the impression Bakugo is fired up and ready to go.

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#15. Dabi - 1522

This design captures Dabi’s cold personality with his uninterested look while powering up his unmatched flames. His flames coming from both his hands and the base stand tie in visually and show us his strength.

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#16. Shoto Todoroki - 1348 

Todoroki shows off his quirk as half of him is stepping on ice while the other half has flames blazing. The design of this Pop! is well balanced with ice on the bottom and fire on top.

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Do you own all of these amazing Funko POP’s yet? Check out our website to see our collection of Funko POP’s.  We are always getting more designs in so keep checking back who becomes available next.

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