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Funko Pops 101

by Grace Hauk on May 10, 2024

Funko Pops 101

Funko POP! are an easily recognizable collectible across many different fanbases. With it's wide variety, many people have some figures within their own collections to show their love for shows / movies / games. 

But what many folks don't know is that preserving your Funko POP! is a whole new level to a collector's experience. Here are some tips and tricks for maintaining your Funko POP! collection!


1) Leave Your Funko POP! In the Box

When it comes to collecting items, the value of it goes up when you keep it within it's original packaging. That's why it's very common to see all kinds of collected items inside of their original box. Funko POP! is no different, you will be able to show off to other fans your amazing collection in pristine condition. 

2) A Showcase to Display Your Funko POP!

 There are many different ways to display your collection, some people use cabinets and others have glass cases. You want to protect your figures by making sure that they are not in overheated environments or in direct sunlight. There are easy solutions to this, either moving your case to an area that receives less sunlight or getting a window tint on the exterior. We recommend using the rescue or platinum film offered on as they protect against UV rays and have a nice clear finish! 

 3) Keep Yourself Updated

There are always going to be limited edition Funko POP! that will hit the market. Especially when there is a new show or movie releasing and it gains in popularity. The best way to grow an impressive collection is to do research and keep on top of the curve. 

Now go out there and make your very own Funko POP! collections!

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