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Top 3 Hunting Spots in America

by Grace Hauk on Jan 11, 2024

Top 3 Hunting Spots in America

When it comes to hunting, it's best to take the steps to make sure you have the best season that you can get. That includes choosing carefully on where you decide to hunt. We have a list of the best hunting areas in America, to help you plan ahead for your next season! 

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Alaksa holds world-class hunting opportunities while still remaining a part of the US. Game ranges from grouse / hares to muskox, caribou, or moose! For more experienced hunters there is also a chance to hunt down a brown bear or a mountain goat. The best times to visit are between August and October since the big game in Alaska tend to make long migrations between the seasonal ranges. 

Accessing the expanse of Alaska's land is more accessible than ever. There are float planes and/or boats to get you best areas for hunting. You will however need a passport to use this service and an out of state license if you're not local. 


Low population. Fourth largest state. Open forest and plenty of rangeland. Montana is truly a great choice when choosing an area to hunt in. Offering the opportunities to hunt black bear, mule deer, white-tailed dear, Rocky Mountain elk, pringhorn antelope, mountain lions and goats, turkeys, wolves, bison and bighorn sheep. However, eastern Montana provides the opportunity to instead find Hungarian partridge, pheasants, sharptails, and waterfowl. 

One drawback that hunters must be aware of is the likelyhood of running into cows during your hunt. You are 5 times more likely to see a cow since there are approximatley 2.6 million in Montana than elk or deer. 


Perfect scenery, national parks, and the prime spot for hunting Elk. Colorado is a beautiful spot with forests, canyons, prairies and the souther part of the Rocky Mountains! The state holds a wide range of impressive hunts such as white-tailed deer, moose, pronghorn antelope, bighorn sheep, mule deer, mountain lions and goats, and black bears. 

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