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Throwdown! Rexpid II vs Rage Hypodermic!

by Jin Lee on Jul 04, 2024

Throwdown! Rexpid II vs Rage Hypodermic!

We got another chance for Sean from SeansOutdoorAdventures to review our broadhead again! This time we have our Rexpid II versus the Rage Hypodermic! Here's what he came to with his anaylsis!

  • Common Features:

    • 100-Grain Mechanical Broadheads:
      • Both broadheads weigh 100 grains, making them comparable in weight.
    • Suitable for Crossbows and Compound Bows:
      • While the Rage Hypodermic is marketed specifically for crossbows, both can be used with compound bows.
    • No Plastic Pieces:
      • Neither broadhead requires plastic pieces to hold the blades closed, enhancing durability and ease of use.
  • Rage Hypodermic:

    • Marketed for Crossbows:
      • Specifically designed for crossbow use but can also be used with compound bows.
    • Rear-Deploying Blades:
      • Blades deploy from the rear when the broadhead hits the target, expanding outward for a larger cutting area.
    • 2-Inch Cutting Diameter:
      • Larger cutting diameter provides a wider wound channel.
    • Blade Stability:
      • Blades may lose cutting ability if they come loose after deployment.
  • Rexpid 2:

    • Packaging and Storage:
      • Comes with a hard plastic storage case for safe transportation and storage of broadheads.
    • Front-Deploying Blades:
      • Blades deploy from the front when the broadhead hits the target, folding back for a slicing action.
    • 1.75-Inch Cutting Diameter:
      • Slightly smaller cutting diameter compared to the Rage Hypodermic.
    • Blade Stability:
      • Rigid connection point ensures blades remain effective even if jostled during penetration.
    • Blade Locking Mechanism:
      • Blades can be manually locked back into place after use, ensuring safety and reusability.
  • Key Differences:

    • Deployment Mechanism:
      • Rage Hypodermic uses rear deployment; Rexpid 2 uses front deployment.
    • Cutting Diameter:
      • Rage Hypodermic has a larger cutting diameter (2 inches) compared to Rexpid 2 (1.75 inches).
    • Blade Stability and Reusability:
      • Rexpid 2's blades are less likely to become ineffective if jostled and can be relocked for reuse.
  • Conclusion:

    • Effectiveness and Versatility:
      • Both broadheads are effective for hunting, with specific strengths and weaknesses.
    • Safe Handling and Storage:
      • Sean demonstrates the importance of safe storage and handling, particularly with sharp, reusable blades.
    • Final Thoughts:
      • Highlights the importance of choosing the right broadhead based on hunting needs and equipment compatibility.

    That's all for today, have a great rest of your day!

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