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Ethical Hunting: Sustainable Practices and Field Dressing Tips for Hunters

by Jalen Cunningham on May 02, 2024

Ethical Hunting: Sustainable Practices and Field Dressing Tips for Hunters

People hunt for different reasons, some do it because they see it as a sport, or a rite of passage in the family, however there's a decent amount of people who hunt because they want true organic meat. 

The meat industry can be especially cruel to animals and give them different types of drugs or other devices that can seriously affect the animal in question. It's inhumane treatment and shouldn't be done. 

So, Hunters will hunt their own animals for meat, and do it more respectably as opposed to some of the cruelty that meat companies would do. There's also a Hunters Code that most hunters try to follow as well when hunting in order to not disturb the ecosystem and to only take as much as needed.

Hunters also follow basic field dressing techniques help cool game by removing entrails. This lowers body heat by allowing air into the body cavity.

  • As a rule, it’s best to field dress immediately.
    • When cooling the body, use available shade. Hang deer, if possible. For larger animals, such as deer, elk, and moose, you should prop the carcass open with a clean stick to allow air to circulate.
    • In warm weather, it’s helpful to place squirrels and doves in a cooler after dressing, as long as they remain dry.
    • Dispose of entrails carefully. Don’t leave them lying by the side of a road or near a residence where they can be dragged home by a dog.
    • Keep meat clean by covering it with cheesecloth. This also protects it from flies, which lay eggs in exposed flesh. Rubbing meat with black pepper also will repel insects. If you have to drag the game to camp, try to keep dirt and debris out of the chest cavity.
    • Because moisture damages meat, don’t use excessive amounts of water to wash the cavity. Allow it to dry.
    • If you plan to process the animal yourself, skin the animal as soon as possible to allow the carcass to cool.
  • Wearing latex gloves while field dressing helps protect you from wildlife diseases.

There's also a few recipes we found here at gritoutdoors for cool recipes that you can work on after your hunts! 

That's it for now, thank you for your time and have a great rest of your day!


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