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Titans Clash! Big III vs Thunderhead Broadheads!

by Jin Lee on Jun 20, 2024

Titans Clash! Big III vs Thunderhead Broadheads!

We got a chance to talk to Sean again from Sean's outdoor adventures this weekend and he was able to do another product comparison for us between the Thunderhead Broadhead and our Rexpid's Big-III!

When comparing the Rexpid Big-III and the Thunderhead fixed blade broadheads, here's what Sean found out about several key features and design elements to differentiate them:

Rexpid Big-III

  1. Tip Design:

    • Features a chisel tip, which is designed for durability and improved penetration.
    • The chisel tip is robust and maintains its structural integrity on impact.
  2. Blade Design:

    • Blades are fixed in one position and do not rotate with the arrow.
    • This design ensures that the arrow continues to spin while the blades slice straight through the target, promoting deeper penetration.
    • Blades can be replaced if needed, but they are securely attached to prevent breaking off during use.
  3. Technology:

    • The innovative design allows for the arrow to spin independently of the blades, enhancing accuracy and penetration efficiency.


  1. Tip Design:

    • Features a blade that slides into a slot and a collar that secures the blade when the broadhead is screwed onto the arrow.
    • This design ensures that the blade is firmly held in place and maintains a consistent cutting edge.
  2. Blade Design:

    • Blades slide into slots and are secured by a collar, making them replaceable.
    • The design provides a reliable hold, ensuring the blades remain intact during flight and impact.
  3. Assembly:

    • The Thunderhead's slot and collar system for securing the blades provide ease of replacement and secure attachment.

Summary of Key Differences

  • Tip Design: The Rexpid Big-III uses a chisel tip, while the Thunderhead incorporates a blade that slides into a slot and is secured by a collar.
  • Blade Position and Movement: The Big-III features blades that remain fixed while the arrow spins independently, enhancing penetration. The Thunderhead's blades are held in place by a slot and collar, without independent spinning technology.
  • Durability and Replacement: Both broadheads offer replaceable blades, but the Big-III's design emphasizes preventing blade breakage, whereas the Thunderhead focuses on a secure and straightforward blade replacement mechanism.

Both broadheads have their unique advantages: the Rexpid Big-III's design enhances penetration and maintains structural integrity, while the Thunderhead offers a reliable and secure blade attachment system. The choice between them may depend on specific hunting needs and preferences regarding penetration and blade replacement.

That's it for today! Have a great rest of your day!

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