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5 Types of Hunting Methods

by Jalen Cunningham on Mar 05, 2024

5 Types of Hunting Methods

There are a multitude of different hunting forms used throughout history. From the hunting-gathering days of old to the more traditional usage of firearms in modern times, there have been plenty of ways to tip the scales of nature and take down your prey. We've compiled a list of more current hunting methods for your convenience and see which one(s) you'd like to try out yourself!

  1. Rifle Hunting

Hunting with a rifle is extremely common amongst most hunters. However, due to their intense potential to damage the surrounding area, they're typically only allowed in forests and other similar areas.

There are some upsides and downsides to using a rifle, the upside is, that when you're experienced enough with the rifle, you have a high likelihood to take down anything with one good shot. They also don't leave much residue in the animal from the bullet itself like some shotguns can. However, the extreme noise of the shotgun can scare off everything in the area. So, if you miss your shot, you might as well try somewhere else since nothing is going to be popping its head out in that location!

  1. High Seat Hunting

Hunting from a high seat has been steadily growing in popularity in past years. You essentially mount a chair to a tree and lure animals to your spot with an assortment of bait such as urine or food

Hunting from a high seat can be pretty boring. You're relying on the animal to come to your area, without that assortment of bait, you're relying on luck or some previous history of knowing whether or not that animal you're looking for visits that spot frequently. An upside though is since you're not moving around a lot, you're not wasting your energy. Just be sure to watch out when climbing up and down the area with your seat. The animals can't reach you but if you're higher up, it can result in serious injury.

  1. Dog Hunting

Man's best friend has been helping us hunt for thousands of years. Since humans first tamed wolves, they have helped us track, kill, and gather animals. In modern times, we still use them.

Dogs can smell better than us, and they're faster than us. They're also a lot braver in most circumstances. If you hunt frequently, you have to get a hunting dog. Your hunting dog will make you a lot more successful as a hunter, and it'll keep you safe if you accidentally run into a bear or another predator. Also, dogs will keep you company. That might not sound important, but wait until you go on an extended hunting trip, and you don't see anything worth shooting for three days. You'll appreciate having a dog to talk to.

  1. Trapping

Trapping has been a form of hunting for centuries and can come in all shapes and sizes depending on the type of animal you're trying to trap. A trap meant for a deer is going to play out differently when used against a bear for example! Trapping involves a lot of studying the animal you're looking for and proper set-up for the hunter to make the trap work.

Trapping can make your hunting a lot easier but there are some regulations on some traps for different states so make sure to read up for your state before purchasing any gear!

  1. Bow Hunting

Our favorite form of hunting, bow hunting is cheaper than using a firearm, and it's closer to what our ancestors did to gather food. That being said, it is difficult to learn properly.

Using a bow isn't like using a rifle or a shotgun. Arrows move at fast speeds, but they don't come anywhere near the speeds of bullets and shotgun shells. They fall pretty quickly, too. So, you have to get pretty close to your target, and it's a very intimate form of hunting. That's why having the right equipment and broadhead is essential for a safe hunting run.

Before you try to hunt with a bow, we highly recommend practicing extensively in a safe area. You don't want to hit a deer in its leg, and then let it hobble around the woods until it dies of infection. You have to make sure that you can hit a sweet spot on the first try. We recommend using very broad arrowheads and a high-powered bow until you learn how to shoot like a pro. If you can't get the hang of it, try using a crossbow. They're great for people who can't aim with a normal bow properly.

That's the list! Make sure to check back in next week for more information on your hunting needs!

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