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How Tooth Powder is Convenient for Travel

by Izabela Kokoszka on Jun 03, 2024

How Tooth Powder is Convenient for Travel

If there’s one dreaded thing about packing for vacation, its figuring out how many personal care products you should take. Some things will get left behind due to their packaging being too big to take along and not being ideal to place into a travel size container. Thankfully toothpaste is easy enough to transport since its non-perishable and can be placed safely in a bag. What’s not so great is how big a tube of toothpaste is and how much room it will take up. While there are travel size toothpastes, that requires going out and purchasing a new item. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could condense your existing toothpaste into a convenient travel friendly one?

With Dencle Tooth Powder you can!

The tooth powder comes in a container that you scoop a spoonful of product out each time you go to use it. Scoop out as much or as little as you need for all your travel days, place into a travel sized container and pack it away. You might be thinking ‘I can squeeze toothpaste into a container as well’. You can do this but the results will be very messy. The container will move around and toothpaste will get all over it, likely on top of the lid as well so when you go to open it, sticky toothpaste will spill out.

Dencle’s dry powder doesn’t have that issue. Even if the tooth powder spills out of the container it can be easily swept away without leaving frustrating to clean residue.

Besides being easy and clean to pack there’s more reasons to take Dencle’s tooth powder with you anywhere.


Easily pass through security check

Liquid items above 100ml aren’t available to take on the plane as a carry on. If traveling light with no suitcases you’ll need to bring everything with you, including toothpaste. You could buy a travel size tube, but with Dencle’s toothpowder there’s no need for that. Pour is some dry powder into any container and walk through security check easily with a very small and light container of toothpowder.


Cheaper than buying travel sizes toothpastes

Small travel size toothpastes aren’t cheap for how much product is inside. Often you also end up loosing them, as you stash them away when back from travels resulting in needing to buy more. You can pour leftover powder back in container and use it all.


Easy to portion out

Traveling for 5 days? Measure out 10 scoops, 2 for each day. Since you already portioned it out there’s no need for the scoop, you can just dip your toothbrush right into powder. This way you don’t need to take along extra items and worry about misplacing it when traveling.


Takes up less space than travel size toothpaste

When poured into a small travel sized container it will only be about a third of a size of travel size toothpaste.

Won’t spill and make a mess

Toothpaste can easily spill out from the tube when being tossed around in travel. Cleaning up sticky toothpaste from all over other toiletries is a hassle and not how you want to spend your free time.


Don’t limit yourself to taking tooth powder when traveling, can take along every day

  • At work to brush teeth after lunch
  • After eating out at a restaurant
  • After eating or drinking very sweet foods


Dencle’s unique powder formula makes it a great choice for travel as its easy to portion out, won’t leave sticky reside behind, easy to store anywhere, and most important save you money. A single container of tooth powder has many more brushing sessions than a tube. Find out more about it here. It also comes in three flavors, all with different benefits, see which one is best suited for your dental needs. You can also choose which dental concern is highest for you, and if you find one or more are you can also mix and match the flavors to get the most out of the product.


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