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Skull and Bones Review: Sailing High but Missing the Mark

by Grace Hauk on Mar 19, 2024

Skull and Bones Review: Sailing High but Missing the Mark

Ubisoft had released the game Skull and Bones, an adventurous setting where you play as the captain of your own pirate ship. In concept and amazing graphics the game looks amazing, but since its release it has gown downhill. Members of the community felt the game promised a lot and underdelivered compared to similar games. A prime example such as Sea of Thieves, even when the graphics are not as advanced people still claimed it a better game than Skull and Bones. 

Another factor that has upset fans is the claim for an AAA game release, AAA basically defining the kind of development team size and amount of creative freedom, in this case prioritizing mass-market appeal. Fans felt this was not the case and false advertisement on the side of Ubisoft. 

The mechanics of the game were slightly disappointing, players were not too happy about you only controlling the pirate ship and not an individual character as well, which turns me to a realization. 

Ubisoft developed the Assassins' Creed series, and many fans may remember Assassins' Creed Black Flag. I felt that the mechanics of the ship system from that game might be exactly what the fanbase was expecting from Skull and Bones. It was a perfect mix of managing the ship, upgrades, crewmates and hand to hand combat when hopping aboard a sinking ship. With that experience in making a whole system already, it is a shame that they were not able to apply the same to Skull and Bones, even when the game was said to be an expansion of Assassins' Creed.

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