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Easiest Animals To Hunt: 5 Beginner-Friendly Animals For Hunters

by David Gould on Mar 19, 2024

Easiest Animals To Hunt: 5 Beginner-Friendly Animals For Hunters

A New Hunter in the Making

Getting into hunting as a beginner can be very tough! There’s plenty of things to think about such as your gear or the location you’re going to hunt at, or even the regulations in your state! However, when you do get all the pre-game settled in, and you’re in the thick of things, another important question pops up: what are you going to hunt!? We’ve complied a couple of different beginner friendly animals to start off your new hunting adventures!

List of Beginner Friendly Animals for Hunters

  1. Pheasant

    Pheasants are excellent game birds to hunt for two reasons: they're relatively easy to hunt compared to other small game, and they taste delicious! Hunting pheasant is much different from going after duck since they aren't waterfowl. You'll need to find a good field or place with tall grass and make your way through it to a good position.

    Make sure you're quiet, or you will spook these birds easily, and definitely hunt pheasant with more than one person. It's best to have a large group of people moving or stationery along a line. When the birds take flight, that's when you raise your shotgun and take aim.

    Remember to be patient and have fun with your hunting adventure! Hunting pheasant is a great past time, and it's especially fun to do with your children if you're getting them into hunting at an early age!

  1. Rabbit

    Rabbits are another great quarry for the beginning hunter, as they offer a challenge, but aren't especially difficult to find. Also, if you've had rabbit meat before, you know how good it tastes, so it's not a bad animal to bag on any hunting trip.

    Rabbits are fast... really fast, so you're only going to get a moment to take aim and fire before they're gone. For this reason, it's easier to hunt them with a shotgun, but a talented marksman can do well with a .22 rifle.

  1. Deer

    One of the harder beginner friendly animals for hunters, deer can be a bit of a challenge but thankfully you can find them in just about every state in both the United States and Canada.

    Deer hunting requires an immense amount of patience, you need to be aware of your scent and manage it, and you'll also need to hit them from far away. Practice shooting with a scope before heading out!

  1. Turkey

    Hunting wild turkey is an excellent way to learn the basics of hunting while nabbing an incredibly tasty bird. You'll often find them in wooded areas.

    Turkeys can respond to calls, so invest in one (or even better, borrow one from a buddy). You will need to do a lot of walking to find them, so plan accordingly. One of the best ways to hunt turkeys is with a bow, and because of that, it's excellent practice if you're not familiar with bows, or even crossbows. Try not to make too much of a racket while you're walking about looking for your next Thanksgiving meal!

  1. Racoon

    People have been hunting raccoons in the United States forever, and if you've seen the hat Daniel Boone is famous for wearing, you know what can be done with their pelts. Most people hunt them because they are nest thieves, and states place bounties on them to control the population and protect the nests they typically raid.

    Hunting raccoons can be done without a dog, but if you have one, you're going to want a Coonhound of some sort or another. When choosing your weapon, consider what you plan to do with the pelt. A large caliber weapon will damage the pelt, so you may want to use a smaller caliber. You can use a bow or crossbow but run the same risk. Rifles are preferred, and a small caliber like a .22 is perfect for these little critters.

Hunt the Right Way

Knowing which animals are beginner friendly is just the beginning. Choosing the right equipment and broadhead, and learning safety tips will also be crucial for your hunting journey. That's the list! Make sure to check back in next week for more information on your hunting needs!

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