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Rexpid Broadheads Review By Sean's Outdoor Adventures

by Jalen Cunningham on Mar 26, 2024

Rexpid Broadheads Review By Sean's Outdoor Adventures

Let's Hear it From a Professional! Rexpid Broadheads

Good hunting everyone! Are you ready to take your hunting game to the next level? Buckle up, because we're diving into an adrenaline-pumped review of some of the most talked-about broadheads in the hunting world!

The spotlight is on Sean from SeanOutdoorAdventures, the Youtube channel that has become a go-to resource for hunters seeking honest, detailed gear reviews. This time, Sean has set his sights on three Rexpid broadheads that have been creating quite the buzz: the sleek Nuri, the formidable Big-III, and the cutting-edge RX-S. Whether you're an experienced hunter or just sharpening your arrows for the first time, this review is bound to change the way you think about your equipment. Get ready for an epic journey through performance, durability, and precision as we unravel what makes these Rexpid broadheads the new must-haves in your hunting arsenal!

Rexpid Nuri Broadhead Breakdown by SeanOutdoorAdventures

Don't overlook the Rexpid Nuri! This special broadhead has a set of rotary wing blades that are designed to get over small bones like ribs in order to ensure a devasting blow to the target! Experience enhanced broadhead penetration with every hit! NURI's advanced rotary wing blades affixed to the broadhead work in tandem to push the crossbow arrow tip over the ribs and other small bones, optimizing your shot.



Rexpid Big-III Broadhead Breakdown by SeanOutdoorAdventures

The Rexpid Big-III lives up to its name! The three large off-set blades guarantee extra penetration and destructive power when launched! Not only that but the screw tip itself will begin to rotate on impact causing even more rotation and cutting force onto the target!

Rexpid RX-S Broadhead Breakdown by SeanOutdoorAdventures

This mechanical broadhead is fierce! Rexpid's RX-S is a broadhead to try out. It's three blades will automatically trigger on impact with a target and the blades are ensured to stay in place until hitting the target to ensure stability!

Rexpid Broadheads for Your Next Hunting Trip

What do you think about Sean's view of Rexpid Broadheads? Leave us a comment below on which broadhead interested you the most!

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