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Turkey Hunting Tips For Beginners: Turkey Hunting 101

by Jalen Cunningham on May 08, 2024

Turkey Hunting Tips For Beginners: Turkey Hunting 101

Hello Hunters! We here at PPMT1 wanted to wish you good luck in your turkey hunting season! It can be a very tough animal to hunt so we wanted to give advice of what you can do to up your game!

Turkey's Eyesight

Wild turkeys have incredible eyesight, so you will want to conceal your movements as much as possible while out hunting. A good camo pattern for the terrain you are hunting is essential. What hunters will typically do is use a good camo like mossy oak and deck themselves out from head to toe in order to better their chances.

Turkey Calls

To be successful in turkey hunting, many hunters rely on calls to help bring the birds within shot range. Beginners usually find a box call the easiest to get a consistent sound. There are diaphragm or mouth calls, pot and striker calls made with glass or slate, box calls, wing bone calls and many others. Some take more practice than others. Start with one call. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive box or pot call, just a good quality call will do the trick. 


Another tactic hunters may use if planting fake turkeys in the area and wait until another turkey approaches it. If you can combine this with the turkey calls, you're severely improving your chances to bag one!

Guns or Bows

Most hunters will choose to take the gun on a hunt like this, but there is a drawback. Say you miss your shot, there won't be a second opportunity for you. It's a bit of the same with the bow but since it's not nearly as loud, it won't scare off more far away turkey.


That's it for now hunters! Stay safe and good luck!

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