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Alice is Missing RPG Review - Is It Any Good?

by Grace Hauk on Feb 15, 2024

Alice is Missing RPG Review - Is It Any Good?

Alice is Missing is a silent-roleplaying, you and your friends engage in the mystery to Alice Briarwood's disappearance in the small town of Silent Falls. Over the span of 90 minutes, you play aas one of the existing characters and text one another trying to uncover where she could have gone.ย 

This game is extremely emotional, through the emotions of those at the table and the ambience created by an amazing soundtrack. Before the game even begins, players record a voice message as their character based off a prompt on their cards. This same voice recording plays at the end of the game, regardless of the outcome with Alice. This game is available for in person or can be run on discord using roll20 as a game board.ย 

If you want to solve a mystery with a similar vibe to Life is Strange franchise, you should definitley try out this silent ttrpg.ย 

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