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Lies of P Game Review: First Impressions and Boss Fight Strategies

by Grace Hauk on Jan 02, 2024

Lies of P Game Review: First Impressions and Boss Fight Strategies


Many people of familiar with the tale of Pinocchio, but never like this. In Lies of P, users play as a puppet created by Geppetto fighting against rogue puppets and horrific monsters with untrustworthy figures that stand between you and the events of this world. The mechanics in the game itself and playstyle are very similar to Dark Souls / Bloodborne with equally challenging foes to make an overall intense experience. 

I started playing just a couple hours worth of the game, but I have thoroughly enjoyed everything about it. From the soundtrack, to the visuals, and the lore Lies of P is the perfect balance of game and art. 

For this review, I am going to only talk about the first few fights that I have successfully completed and my experience overall.

The Parade Master is the first boss fight you encounter that people will be familiar with since it was the main feature of the demo. I liked the overall design of the puppet, and openly took me 3 tries to beat. Once you know the timing to dodge his attacks while he swings his big arms and cage down, it's a piece of cake. I do love that the scenes leading up to this fight depict what the puppet was originally created for, and of course the features that it carries that lead to the demise of mankind. Such as the ability to hold an excessive amount of weight....just why? 

The next big encounter happens with the Mad Donkey. This boss is the same size as you, but the main difference is you're a puppet and they are fully a human. You come across this individual while searching for Geppetto as they are shouting and hitting a car that might have your creator inside. This battle was frustrating but very much needed to help you with the timing of dodges and taking advantage of flanking. Personally I think it took me 12 tries before I passed it, though I enjoyed the fight overall because of the interesting lore of animal masked humans and how they play into the story. That and you get a sick donkey outfit to sneak around the factory in. 

Now.....the next boss only took me 2 tries but in all honestly it struck fear into me when the cut scene played. The horror of the Scrapped Watchman is unmatched as it creepily crawls around the tower and launches down towards you. It really makes you question why on earth this puppet was created in the first place, some letters depict it got shut down because it was scaring people away.....I WONDER WHY! This is the first encounter where you can use stars that you gather in the game to summon this astral fight to help you in combat. In my experience I mainly used them to take the agro while I just nonstop hit the boss. Of course you can still go into these fights solo but the option is there! Of course I'm gonna take it! 

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