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The Story Behind Lethal Company

by Grace Hauk on Jan 09, 2024

The Story Behind Lethal Company


Lethal Company has taken off, growing very popular as an experience with friends collecting scrap and attempting to survive the monsters on the "desolate" moons. Not many people know too much about the story, but if you find the logs many things come to light. 

Sigurd, Richard, Desmond and Jess. These are the names of the original crew that is depicted in Sigurd's Logs, all of them started working for the company by signing contracts. Obviously unaware of what they were getting into, we learn from these logs the brief missions they have explored and clues they have gathered from each moon. 

Lets first talk about the big tentacle in the room. Sigurd refers to it as the "Golden Planet", base knowledge it is where the crew would sell their scrap that was collected. However Sigurd started to hear odd things; screams or voices over the walkie talkies, the sound of objects being crushed over and over again. But the voice of the walkie talkie told him the planet was real, and that it didn't just hit a meteor. A beast consumed it, and they were being digested slowly in its body. The final words spoke from this individual was "spitting out the rinds" before Sigurd shrugged him off.

Later Sigurd supposedly goes missing, most likely dying on one of the moons as Desmond is the last log exposing that the entire job was a lie. That they were only here to continue to feed the beast. 

Above is all we know from the logs. However, there are new theories that come from messing around with the console. First I would like to address Jess. If you type into the console 'Jess', you won't find the logs where they are mentioned but instead the Jester's bestiary page. This lead to a realization of a handful of creatures from the bestiary who only spawn in 1. The main few are the bracken  who killed Richard from the logs, Jester, and a mysterious ghost girl. 

Now this can just be because of how dangerous the entities are themselves, but with the console portion I believe these creatures were previous crew members who had been abandoned on the moons. 

Outside of the logs, when exploring the "Golden Planet", moving to the ladder that takes you under to a second floor players will find a rocket. One that is pointed straight at the wall. People have started to speculate that with another update in the future, you will gather the individual parts to finish the rocket and blast through the wall. I believe this is to signify the end of the game, meaning we are very unlikely to see anything happen with this for some time. But my question is who is making this rocket? Who started these plans?

Desmond makes no comment about any of the other members in their final log, only speaking the truth and apologizing for leaving the burden on the new crew (the players). Sigurd's final entry spoke about flying to coordinates where the calls originated from, but then lead to him wondering if he even remembered signing the contracts, or even saying goodbye to his dad. Much more will certainly be revealed but I do not believe Sigurd is dead. Desmond may have left the logs for the players to find, but someone was building that rocket. Maybe another log will appear from Sigurd, or the final piece that we need to finally understand what happened. 

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