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The Dark Urge: Baldurs Gate 3 Review - Is It Worth It?

by Grace Hauk on Jan 10, 2024

The Dark Urge: Baldurs Gate 3 Review - Is It Worth It?

Well, it looks like my silly little choice led to my character removing Gale's hand...I thought it was just an inner thought! Introducing the Dark Urge, a character choice players can make in the beginning of their game. I had chosen this option when initially beginning my first game because I thought with the haunted background and interesting story element, I would experience an even deeper plot within the game. That was until my friend informed me that I chose the evil route as soon as I selected that character.....

But anyways! Here is a review for the Dark Urge character and why I think it's an excellent choice for your Baldurs Gate 3 playthrough!

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To start off, it's similar to a werewolf story. You play as your character customized to your chosen class and race, however you are experiencing 2 things. You can't seem to remember your past and there is a strong urge to kill. I know, I must have glossed over that fact when I thought I was still capable of running a complete heoric good guy! However it is still possible to do! You can choose to fight against the Dark Urge or give into it, and by rules of lycanthropy that can determine your alignment. 

It's highly recommended however that you do a playthrough of the game playing the completely customized character, because the Dark Urge gives an experience that twists the main plotline. You are more likely to enjoy this when you have already experienced the main story in your first playthrough by giving you more to compare. 


 Dark Urge impacts your character in the main plot, the most prominent change being in Act 3. Obviously I will not share any spoilers here for sake of the story! But some major things are of course, being encouraged to kill your most beloved companion among other things. 

You have different options given to you in regards to npcs in regards to choices or dialogue options that your party members might disapprove of. You will see an option for moments that, when read a second time, a pretty violent compared to others. Such as cutting off Gale's hand instead of helping him out of the portal, or dreaming about Astarion's "perfect pretty corpse" or attacking someone who has shown no harm to anyone for the fun of it. 

There are many unique experiences when you select the Dark Urge that only happen on that storyline. One thing of course is brutally murdering a tiefling bard named Alfira after she tries to join your party, that unfortunatley cannot be avoided. 


You've got a butler! Sceleritas Fel is met once you choose to indulge in the dark urge and commit acts of violence. He bestows to you a Deathstalker Mantle, a cloak that gives you invisibility for one turn after you kill a creature in battle. It is also a limited item only to those who choose to play the Dark Urge! Congrats!

Another feature for the Dark Urge is a form called The Slayer. Once per long rest the character can transform into The Slayer after doing something horrifyingly evil in Act 2. 98 HP with powerful attacks? That is a blessing when it comes to boss fights. 


Obviously this one does have a slight spoiler warning, but as the Dark Urge there is a unqiue ending to the game that you can choose. Either give in to your birthright as Bhaal's chosen or say nuh-uh. Well, and also lose the gifts that he gave you throughout the game. God of murder, makes sense he would give deadly gifts. If you do choose the first option, you are given a mission titled "DESTROY THE GATE IN BHAAL'S NAME." You command the brain and become the absolute in their name rather than your own, and obviously having a violent end! 

But to finalize this choice, the Dark Urge is a great character choice for your second run through of BG3! It adds deeper plot and unique attributes! Such as romance with your companions might end up with a potential dream that turns real of trying to kill them, drama!  


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