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Nostalgia: The Gift From Video Games

by Grace Hauk on Feb 08, 2024

Nostalgia: The Gift From Video Games

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When we were younger, we all experienced different things. However, video games somehow were a connection between many. When I sit there and think of games, and talk to others, I am met with many who also shared an experience with that game. Whether it was Club Penguin, Minecraft, or Webkinz etc, there was something truly amazing about the connections we made.ย 

Today we see new games all the time, with graphics better than the last. Many new stories and adventures for us to go on. And it is crazy to think that the games today that we see as new will be a childhood memory for some later on. But focusing on that experience, like booting up Halo 1 for the first time, beating the campaigns with a buddy or in my case my dad. It's amazing that video games are able to do that for people, to feel emotional and remember fondly on the most simple thing from our pasts.ย 

An experiance of mine was booting up my Xbox360 in the basement to play Call of Duty, sitting in my chair and snacks on hand. When I thought staying up past 10 was the craziest thing you could do while playing video games.ย 

Video games today do recieve backlash, people say that it corrupts the mind or is unhealthy for kids. But I truly believe that video games help in some cases. Minecraft teached you to be creative and build whatever you could imagine, Webkinz taught you to take care of your pet and making friends, Roblox let you travel to play in whatever world you wanted that was also crafted by another. I truly believe that video games have made us more creative, because there is just something way more person about playing through the story rather than watching it. So this is for all the first games that we played, the happy feeling we get thinking about that little kid with a controller in hand, and to continue being creative in the world of video games.ย 

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